Frequently Asked Questions

No. Because we are a fitness center, a doctor’s note or referral is NOT required. However, we do recommend you discuss a new exercise routine with your doctor. In order to maintain your safety during your training, it is important for our team to know of any concerns or recommendations they may have.

We understand that starting something new, especially exercise, takes some time to get used to. For your comfort, we let you try our services without charge to ensure we are the right place for you. Also, two weeks gives us time to gently develop your program while giving your body time to adjust. Most participants feel progress in the first two weeks, which helps you determine the value of the activity.

Functional Fitness Orillia offers semi-private and private classes. A trainer is always on site to educate, offer assistance and deliver directed programs. Scheduled sessions and low client to trainer ratios enables us to control the room for your safety and overall quality experience.

Safe, gentle and efficient exercise movements is our focus. Of course, we usually fit in a bit of fun too! We offer independent or directed exercise programs, or private personal training to suit your needs. When beneficial to you, your program includes specialization with NeuroGym Rehabilitation equipment,  Bonefit recommended exercises or Urban Poling techniques.

  • As long as it remains recommended practice, all employees will wear personal protective equipment when training, including gloves and a mask. 
  • We have multiple hand sanitizer and handwashing stations throughout the entire space.
  • The amount of people within our space is limited, to ensure a 2-meter distance can be maintained between individuals, staff, and clients. 
  • Equipment and exercise stations are sanitized between each user. 
  • Common surfaces (ie doorknobs) are cleaned at least twice per day. 
  • Each visitor is required to sign in at every visit, in case COVID-19 tracking is requested by the health unit.
  • Clients are welcome to wear protective equipment if they wish, however masks are not required in this setting.
  • For everyone’s safety, if you feel ill we ask you to stay home. If you show symptoms common with the Covid-19 virus, you will be asked to stay home until 24 hours after they subside.

Yes. Our approach is gentle, and we encourage effort that is just slightly beyond ease. In the beginning you rest often. As you improve, your body can tolerate a greater challenge within your session. Our trainers help you adjust your program based on your needs and suggest specific progressions when you are ready.

Taking baby steps to improvement helps you to look forward to spending time at the gym, your body will feel great the next day, and you will want to move more often. Frequent movement is key to improving your level of fitness.

Payments are required prior to scheduled sessions, however there are no annual commitments. As a method of payment, we currently accept cash, cheque or e-transfer.

It is important to feel comfortable. Wear clothes that allow arms and legs to bend and stretch with ease. Shoes should have good support, whether running shoes or sandals. Leave your heels at home!

If you are interested in meeting the team and checking out the space, you are welcome! However during this time we ask that you call ahead to arrange a time, so we can ensure health and safety measures are maintained. Calling us during business hours is preferred, at 705-259-BFIT(2348). If you would like to arrange to start your free 2 week trial, we look forward to your call or email!

Join our family and own your fitness journey!