Functional Fitness Orillia offers semi-private and private fitness services, including fitness assessments, program development and maintenance. We are licensed with Neurogym Rehabilitation and use their equipment and methodology as the foundation of our operation. Our trainers bring years of experience and wisdom to our instruction. We value continued education and are BoneFit trained, certified instructors with Urban Poling and Canfitpro

Paraffin Wax

‘Therabath Paraffin Thermotherapy provides therapeutic relief of pain due to arthritis, joint inflammation, muscular stiffness, and injury, increases circulation to renew tissue, and moisturizes dry, cracked skin from the inside out, allowing you to get back to your active, hands-on lifestyle!’

If you live with painful or stiff hands, a 10-minute paraffin treatment can dramatically improve your hand function. It is also a very relaxing treatment that can be a great way to start or end your session. 

Private Training

You may prefer to receive our full and undivided attention. Our direct one on one training consists of a quiet time and space to diligently work on your specific fitness goals. One of our experienced trainers will guide you through an informative and educational training session to fit your needs. This session can be beneficial for disease or injury specific education.

Urban Poling

One of our favourite tools are walking poles by Urban Poling. They can be used for strengthening posture, improving balance, gait practice as well as cardiovascular benefits with our clients. Walking poles can also be a very fun way to add variety to a seated group class with music.

We encourage our clients to enjoy the beautiful walking trails Orillia offers, and adding walking poles is a very affordable way to increase your fitness level. We often run classes through the City of Orillia programs and recreation to ensure that you develop proper movement habits and get the most out of your poles!

Bonefit Training (Osteoporosis)

Bonefit is a course developed by Osteoporosis Canada in order to encourage safe exercise from clinic to community for people living with osteoporosis. Our Fitness Instructors are Bonefit trained, and incorporate safe exercises into each routine to promote a healthy and strong posture as well as to encourage maintaining bone density. 

We also offer a 6 session series specifically for our clients living with Osteoporosis. Very precise coaching and take home handouts to support at home practice are among the benefits of this series. The priority is to reduce the risk of a fracture by mastering excellent technique of back and shoulder stabilizer exercises.

Fitness Training

Here at Functional Fitness, we recognize that everyone is different and therefore requires a different fitness program. Each client’s program is tailored to their needs and is designed to help them achieve their goals.

Fitness programs are one hour in length and incorporate exercises to improve balance, strength, endurance, flexibility, and posture. 

Results are achieved by using a variety of equipment that enables secure and proper functional movements. Some individuals require a very easy starting point, and others can tolerate intensity. The equipment enables the program to meet the individual at their level and gently improve as they train.

Join our family and own your fitness journey!