How it Works

Step 1

I want to improve my physical fitness…

Are you noticing a decline in your physical wellness? Maybe your reaction time is slowing down, you feel weak or not motivated to do everyday tasks? Or maybe you notice your balance is off and you are beginning to be nervous about certain seasons. We can help!

Someone in my health team referred me to you…

Have you been working with a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor to rehabilitate after surgery, improve chronic pain, or heal an acute injury? Or maybe your doctor suggested movement to reduce arthritic symptoms or reduce your risk of falling? We can help!

Step 2

I want to learn more, how do I get started…

We know starting something new can be a lot to process. We do not want you to feel overwhelmed, therefore we offer a 2-week free trial. This allows you to become familiar with the space, the staff, and our methods. It also allows us to take our time to develop a program that best suits your needs. We do not want you sore the next day, we want to take our time getting to know you and your physical abilities.

I finished my 2 weeks free…

Step 3

I am ready to start! Great! we will add you into the time slots that work with your schedule

Wonderful, we are happy to be included in your health team! Moving forward we ask that you choose either private or semi-private training, as well as how frequently you intend to come. We then provide an invoice for the number of sessions you request, and we add you to the schedule in the time slots that work with your schedule. You receive an appointment card, and are sent on your way until next time!

This was a great experience, but I do not think it is the right place for me

We appreciate you giving us a chance to share what we have to offer. We are sorry to see you go but maybe we can recommend another local fitness service that may be a better fit.

Join our family and own your fitness journey!